Full Version Game Downloads – How to Smell Scams

Full version game downloads are sought after by every living game lover. Such a hobby is an expensive one. Everyone knows that. Each new release can easily cost you anything between $40 and $100. So when there are opportunities online for downloads that are either free or very cheap, people tend to thread carefully. After all, there have been reports of scams and so it is natural that people want to know how to sniff a scam out.

While some are apprehensive, thinking that all services for full version game downloads are scams, the truth is far from it. It is a misconception. There are genuine download sites that run a proper business supplying great titles at affordable prices. But that said, there are always some unscrupulous sites that are purely scams.

You need to be informed about how scam sites for full version game downloads usually operate.

1. The site may claim to be free. While it is really free to join, you find that the selection of games they offer is really small and they are mostly old and outdated ones. The moment you try to access the download area for the new ones, you are required to pay for it.

2. The site is really free to use. It says that it is legal and secured. But these file sharing networks quickly download viruses, worms, adware and spyware on your PC along with the full version game downloads. You will realize that it is not legal to share some copyrighted stuff there.

3. While the site claims to offer the largest game selection, you will find out shortly after paying for a time-based subscription that you cannot find your desired games. Sometimes, they may be found but simply not in the format that is compatible with your console.

We have also heard about stories where the full version game downloads are corrupted and incomplete. There are also others who have lousy experience with the platform offered by some services. Either they are too hard to use or there is no proper step-by-step guide to use them.

You can flee from these services by doing some homework prior to choosing a site for full version game downloads. Do it once and you can benefit for a long time. Read the forum and blog posts to hear what customers are saying about the services. Reviews are great places to start as well.

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